💫 README: How to use Feature Requests

“Build with users” has been one of the main factors that help Visily comes this far, and that won’t ever change.

We’re excited to receive your feedback on the app, what we can do to enhance your experience further, and what else we can improve to make Visily the ultimate UI design tool for you.

Let us know if you want new components, themes, or templates in the UI Library (although we keep researching and adding new ones on a daily basis).

Any new idea or feature request is also great to be posted here. Although we may not 100% follow the exact feature or idea you shared, we will do our best in addressing the pain points and problems you have.

Thanks so much for your continuous support! :star_struck:


We are always support for visily
I think visily is the best way to reach you on your design :blush:
I think visily is best forever
I hope you can create a new features in visily
Then visily become a more famous
I hope you can understand :blush::blush:

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