Support flowchart/mindmap

Are you going to support the flowchart or mindmap feature? Would be great if I could do these things in Visily instead of using different tools.


Hi @csands, thanks for this request. We do love to support teams to collaborate directly on Visily, from UI design to brainstorming and more.

We will provide some basic flow chart elements and templates in Visily later this year. We’ll keep you posted on this! Shall you have specific requests for this feature, please share with us so we’ll prioritize building what you need first. :blush:


As a designer from Viet Nam, I’m so proud of Visily- a product powered by the Vietnamese. I’m so excited because Visily brings me a lot of benefits. I used many tools to support my wireframes design like whimsical, miro,…Visily is a powerful tool that can help me work with my team.
If Visily can support flowcharts and mindmaps, like miro, it is so nice, I hope Visily can update in the future. Thanks <3


The collaboration flow is truly gold. I also use Miro for flowchart and brainstorming. Can’t wait until they have Miro integration! Really really looking forward to it!

Same thing for me as well. Visily has truly come in handy for me when it comes to UI designing :smiley:

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