How to build a design led functional interactive landing page?

Hi ex business startup founder here with successful brick and mortar venture.
Never tried to hands on design before. Last entire week tried with a different no-code platform and not even near to the design that I have on paper.
This week learnt about Visily and it looks really promising for any functional MVP to kick off any palatable idea to test the water.
I’m trying to build a similar functional interactive landing page such as Github(follwing link)
Similar as Github landing page

Is there any step by step instructions somewhere? Or maybe similar feature like version control where whenever a user do tweaking on the left and a guided highlighted portion showing up on the right? That way a 6 year old can understand what’s happening against the given prompt on the left.

It’s feel like to me a lighter version of illustrator and not easy to maneuver who never used any design tool before.

Maybe a tweaking prompts lessons can be added where all tiny bits will be added including any replacement, edit, same feature different talking on the new design.
Also a human live agent who’s an experienced designer and knows Visily very well can be super helpful.