Small Bug in the site(not in webapp )

As you can see in the attached screenshot it shows there are 3 replies to the current Visily crossword event but the real number of replies are around 14.

I tried looking for something similar on older posts but i couldn’t find it. Its not much of a concern but i saw it so here i am sharing it.

You guys at Visily are doing awesome work and i am really thankful for all of it.You all made things easy for me.


Hello there @wontscareu ,

Thank you so much for your prompt response to our community, as well as our current mini-game.

Actually, it’s not a bug.

Basically, “3 replies” here means the number of people who are replying to the post that I’m putting the 1st question, which is within a bigger thread of answers.

The number 14 means the total number of replies for the whole conversational thread, from the beginning to the latest reply. That’s the bigger thread of conversation that I mentioned above.

Hope my answer helps you out, buddy.


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Hi @Aaron.Zhao

Really sorry for wasting your precious time. I apologize for the confusion on my end. Thanks for the explanation.

If there’s a way to remove this post, please do.

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Don’t say that, mate!

We appreciate every input from our member. In case there is any other things that confuse you, don’t hesitate to create another topic and we are always here to support.


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