Modifying the project theme

Hello there, I’m new to visily but i really enjoy it so far. Thank you for everything.
There’s this one thing that bugs me : Maybe it’s my fault but I didn’t find how to change the theme colors and font. I managed to do so only by clicking on the image to theme feature. i didn’t find a specific button to simply change it manually. Until I did, I simply thought that the option didn’t exist at all.
Just a little feedback from me, who enjoy Visily.

Thank you for your feedback; we truly appreciate hearing from our users as it assists us in improving our product.

I’d also like to offer some guidance on how to edit your project’s theme:

  1. While creating a project: As you choose a template for preview, you’ll notice a pen icon. You can easily modify your project’s styles by simply clicking on it. (Demo video:
  2. For existing projects: If you already have a project, you can access the “Project theme” option located on the right sidebar. Click on “Edit theme” or explore other available options from the dropdown menu. (Demo video:

I hope these instructions prove helpful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or require assistance. Thank you!