Rulers and other layout tools.

I am trying out Visily as alternative for Adobe XD. I can’t seem to find rulers and other guides, is it available? If yes, how to use it?

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Hi @nikvision,

Thank you for trying out Visily. Small question first: Are you UI/ UX designer trying to find simpler/ faster tool to use?

At this moment, we only have spacing and alignment guides. You can use these guides by doing the following:


  1. You can select element(s) on canvas then use Alignment properties on Layout panel
  2. You can move the elements around and when it is 4px away from aligning with the other elements, a red guide will show.


  1. You can inspect the distance between selected one element by holding Opt/ Alt and hover on to another element in Design mode, or simply select one element and hover on another in Inspect mode
  2. Visily can help you distribute spacing between elements evenly with one click or position the elements based on your input in Space between fields.

We are planning to introduce Grids to Visily as well around the end of this year.

We would love your thoughts of how useful these features are to you and what other features about Layout you cannot live without?