Grid that can resize

A feature request I have is to have a grid of X rows on Y colums.
The advantage is that you can resize this grid and the rows and columns (so the boxes) would resize on its own. Every row and column should have a sticky edge to align to.
I have created designs with month and yearcalender (selfservice application to register holidays and vacation) and it is not easy to create grids that match the screensize. You have to copy rectangles a lot and redo it until you size is ok.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bart.Slaets ,

Thanks for this suggestion. Let’s dive a little deeper into your request.

  • It seems that you want to have a Grid that works exactly like CSS Grid system?
  • When you resize the Grid, all the boxes would resize along. Do you want the elements/components you put into each box will also expand/ collapse to fit the box as well?
  • How would you imagine the Settings for that Grid would look like, which properties you can configure?

Also, I would love to see how you are currently creating Grids on Visily for the Month and Year calendar. Observing the actions would provide us with more valuable insights.


Hi Thea, yes, indeed, it would be like a grid system. By default all the columns and rows should be the same size, but it would be useful to be able to adjust per column or row the size (in % or in pts?) Further it would be nice to be able to set the back color and the color of the gridlines. They should anchor (those guidelines to help you put other items on aligned). I would not automate to let items fit the grid. Does this answer your questions? Thanks.

This is an example how a year calendar might look like.