Add more charts

There is a limitation on components. It’d be helpful if you add in more such as pie charts, line charts, etc

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Hi @david_96, thank you for your request. At the moment, you can find some different chart templates in the library, such as pie chart, line graph and area chart. However, the chart customization is limited to color editing and resizing.

The good news is that next month, we’ll be supporting pie chart and line graph as smart components with much more flexible customization. The current column chart component will also be updated with more editing functions. We’ll let you know once they are live, and keep you updated on our plan to provide even more charts and tables this year.

Hi David_96, Indeed, the charts are a good start, but not so flexible. Therefor I started using echarts (free). They provide theming and an editor to play around (if you know some json, although it is not that difficult to change small things). And then I copy this graph as a png and paste it in Visily. This gives a huge amount of graphs that you can easily use in your designs. Example Examples - Apache ECharts


Wow! That’s helpful @Bart.Slaets . But I don’t know about code so it’s hard to customize all the chart I need.

haha, yes I understand! I have a developer background, so it’s a bit easier. Although if you ask someone who knows some scripting to give some guidelines, I’m sure you can change the basics yourself! The help of echarts is also very good!

I have just got back to Visily after a while and could tell you that your concerns have been resolved with its latest 1.2 version.
Not only pie charts and line charts, but also bar, column, and many other types of charts have been added. Go and check it out, buddies! :smiley:


:rofl: I guess… It’s time to learn coding.