Does High IQ matter in designing?

So I’ve been designing UIs for sometime and recently I got into an argument with a friend who believes that people with higher IQs are better designers …
What do you all think?
I believe everyone gets good at whatever they put in time to…


Are you right everyone has a good IQ but people how to use it depends on there work for design
IQ and talented is very important for design :blush:

Hi @christopherchidieber,

In my opinion, you don’t have to have a high IQ to become a better designer.

I am more of a believer in practice and training. If you spend enough time, persistently day by day practice designing and absorbing new knowledge and apply them to your design. You will someday become great at drawing.

However, to become a master at designing a great application, which everyone enjoy using due to its simplicity and great user experience. You should have high Emotional intelligence and human-computer interaction knowledge. That way, you can sympathize with the pains or the obstacles your users are facing/ might face and you can help eliminate these for them.

I think there might be other opinions, so I also can’t wait to hear more from other people.

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I don’t think IQ matter in Design.
All you need to improve is aesthetic sense. You also can learn step by step in design to improve your progress, especially UI UX required a lot of effort to learn and research about user behavior, their experience in the app / site. :smiley: