Newbie in UI design

I’m a newbie in UI design and seriously have no idea where to start. Which part of the learning should I take seriously and where I can learn?

Thanks in advance!


About to ask the same question, too.
I have been self-studying for a while. Been there done that but honestly, everything is just all over the place … Like, nothing truly consolidates in my mind, mate.

Hope there is anyone can help us to untangle.


You can learn it by yourself through some courses on Youtube, Udemy.
I highly recommend the DesignCourse Youtube channel.
Goodluck mate!

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Like Danny said, there is a bunch of sources you can learn from.
Still, the best way to learn is to do your first design.

Upon finishing, you can share your design with this community. A lot of senior and experienced guys can give you helpful advice.

Still, you have to take action to learn it effectively, bro.