E-commerce site for vintage goods

Hi everyone,
I tried to use Visily to design my E-commerce website for vintage goods. I am still not 100% happy with my check-out page/FAQ page. But here it is. So yeah, please give me your comments.


Great design! Here is my suggestion:

  • Try separate your checkout into steps, there is too much info on a screen. I recommend you take a look at amazon’s checkout :grin:.
  • Replace the check icon on the completed screen, it’s oversized and unattractive. Visily has Pixabay integrated, you can find a lot of vector graphics there.

Insightful! Didn’t know Pixabay’s integrated into the app. Thanks buddy! :handshake:

Hey, I’m quite new to UI UX design but in my opinion:

  • The checkout page:
    • I see some purple labels (Idk if it’s your brand color palette) but it’s seem to be not a good mixed with main color of your page.
    • The review star of suggested product is not reflected properly.
    • It should have “+ -” button to change the quantity of product in cart.
    • And right! You should separate the checkout flow into different step that avoid including too many informations in one page.
  • The confirmation page:
    • The check mark is way too big, mate. It should be scaled down.
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