Q&A from Product Live Demo - Sep, 2022

[Question]: When can we be able to inspect all elements together? The development team needs the CSS of the whole page. I feel like this is lacking.

[Answer]: In the coming months, we’ll support exporting the theme of your whole design into the format used by popular FE frameworks like Tailwind, Bootstraps, etc. We’re also building the code generation feature to export the HTML & CSS of the components in the board. We’ll keep you posted on this.

In the meantime, if any of you in this community have this need, please reach out to us, we’d really appreciate if we can build this feature with you by sharing early prototypes of the features and get your continuous feedbacks.

[Question]: If you design for a desktop screen size and switch to a mobile one, can all elements automatically be converted to a mobile layout for you?

[Answer]: We haven’t supported auto-responsive design yet, and we’re targeting this feature for early next year. However, in the meantime, you can still utilize the “Anchor” feature in our Layout Properties Panel to create responsive designs by yourself. Please see the guide of the feature here. Please let us know if you need help with this feature and we’ll set up a call to demo in details.

[Question]: Is there an infographic library? (geographical map of an area). I had to insert a pic as it wasn’t available in Visily

[Answer]: Interesting idea. We’ll research more and reach out to you again for possible solutions in our app. In the meantime, please try searching “map” in our library to see if the results can be of use to you, or you can upload your image and store it in the image dialog to reuse later.

[Question]: We’d like more functions as well as more templates for these charts (horizontal bar graphs, more line graphs templates)

[Answer]: Good news! You can design quickly with our Chart components - Line charts, Pie Charts, and Column/Bar Charts, found in the Smart Components section in our Library (learn more about our library here). You can also find templates with charts, too. For instance, searching “dashboard” in Template Dialog (opened by pressing W). You can customize the chart styles pretty easily. Please try them out and let us know how we should further improve them.

[Question]: When you change a color on a screen, for example, is there a way to make it do a universal change to all the screens? And the design for the whole project

[Answer]: Currently, you need to change the screen background color one at a time, however, we’ll support editing the background color of multiple screens along with other enhancements of screen editing next month. Please stay tuned!

Btw, if you want to change the color theme for your whole project, please check out Project Theme feature. You can learn more about it here.

[Question]: When sending your design to the web dev, will color formulas be defined?

[Answer]: Currently you can only inspect the HEX or RGBA code of the color. However, in our next release in October, we’ll be supporting exporting the theme color into some popular FE frameworks like Tailwind or Bootstraps. We’ll keep you updated on this, and can even get your devs to try out our new feature demo to get their feedback.

[Question]: Can you pls explain the “clip” function of container?

[Answer]: The clip function can be found on the context toolbar of the container. It can help you retain the exact contents you want to show inside the container’s bounding.

You can visit Container guides here to learn more about this function.