Annoying Autosave Bug

I think I just came across a bug. I was designing a page when the internet got offline. I saw a notification from Visily that it failed to connect and it disappeared right away. I continued designing after the internet was back. I just found out all the changes I made were gone. I think they were the changes I made after losing the internet. It seems Visily didn’t save data even after the internet was restored. It’s really annoying.

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Thanks for reporting the bug and we apologize for the inconvenience. There was indeed a bug in our web socket code that caused this. We’ve just fixed it and made the synchronization behavior more predictable:

  • The lost-connection popup will stay up until the internet is restored. During the whole time, users can still design and their changes are stored on their machine.
  • When the internet is restored, Visily will synchronize offline changes to the server and notify users so that they know their work is safe.
  • If users navigate away or attempt to close the tab before changes are saved, Visily will alert them of unsaved work.

We’ve just deployed this hotfix moments ago. Hope this would improve the experience.