Can the mouse drag selection be set?

Currently, the drag-to-select with the mouse automatically selects an element as soon as the mouse touches it. Is it possible to have two modes like in Axure: one for “Select Contained”, where only elements fully within the selection box are chosen, and another for “Select Intersected”, where any element touched by the selection box is chosen?

Hi Flash,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Currently, we have not supported this feature yet, but we will consider it in our product pipeline and will reach out to you once we build the feature. Thank you.

Hi Flash, I want to follow up on this ticket: while we don’t have the two selection modes like in Axure, there’s a workaround to quickly select elements in a container: hold Cmd/Ctrl and drag your cursor. Please see the attached video for details (Hold Cmd:Ctrl to select multiple - Google Drive)

If you were referring to something else, please give me more description or example screenshots to understand your request better.

Hope to hear from you soon!