Visily to code directly

Hi, I have used figma previously where I can convert my design into all type of working code with some third party sites. Can we do the same Visily. I’m finding easier than figma to work in Visily.


Hi @vivek224mahajan ,

It’s great to hear you are enjoying Visily a little better than Figma :smiley: .

Unluckily, we haven’t integrated with any such third-party sites yet.

However, we have built in CSS code inspection of each component you selected on canvas (Go to Inspect mode and open CSS Inspection panel). And by mid of November, we will also release a feature that lets you download Tailwind CSS config file from your current project theme. Stay tune and check it out.

I would love to know:

  • What Programming languages are you particularly interested in converting your design to?
  • What third-party sites are doing a terrific job that Visily should integrate with?