Using app on Android chrome browser

Hi, New to Visily,

I’m coming from a background of using Sketch and InvisionApp. I like visily a lot especially the screenshot to editable design feature. I’m using the app on mobile Chrome for an Android Alcatel 3T10 tablet.

It is sluggish but I am getting the job done. If there is a way we could disable some of the “hints/ tooltips” and change the UI to dark mode. That would be nice.

It also crashes if I zoom in > 50%

Hi @kendallarneaud,

Thank you for trying out Visily and I’m glad that the screenshot-to-wireframe AI feature has been helpful to you. Feel free to share feedback on how we can further improve it. For your questions, I’d like to address as below.

  1. For the hints/ tips, you can turn them off via the Design Assistant panel on the right. Kindly see the screenshot attached.

  2. Regarding the crash issue, our engineers will fix it soon and we’ll keep you posted. However, for the best experience of the app, we would highly recommend using Chrome on PC or laptop. We’ll continue improving our tablet experience, but for now, it may not be as good.

  3. About dark mode, we have not supported it yet but it’s in our pipeline for this year. You can upvote this feature request here and we’ll keep you updated on the release.

Thanks again for your feedback and look forward to hearing more from you.
Happy designing with Visily!