The visily's thanksgiving game

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what would be a better way to celebrate it than a mini-game, right? Here’s THE VISILY’S THANKSGIVING GAME! :partying_face:


  1. Screenshot/screen-record your favorite feature(s) in the Visily app.

    E.g: Take a screenshot of your project in the Prototype mode, or record the screen while Visily’s generating mockups from your uploaded screenshots.

  2. Tweet to tell us why you like the feature. Each tweet must:

  • Be about one feature only
  • Start with “I like this feature because…”
  • Include the screenshot/screen-record above
  • Include the hashtags: #Visily #Visilythanksgiving
  1. You can post more than one tweet for different features.

The game will end at 23:59 GMT+7, on Nov 24th, 2022. Tweets that are posted later than the mentioned time will not be eligible.


4 lucky winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift card each.

The winner list will be announced on Nov 25th. Stay tuned and good luck!

‘Tis the season, let’s gather and have some fun! :bell:

T&Cs: Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising during and after this event shall be determined by Visily.


Wish To Win Team…Done Fingers crossed :heart::heart::heart: