Shared layer and Master/ Slave Pages


New to Visily. Back in the days of adobe fireworks you could have made a “master/ template page” with “shared layers” and create pages from that template. This kept design elements that would be standard through the design of web pages standard. When you created a page from the template you got the layers of elements duplicated to that newly created page. If you changed something on the template page. It would be reflected in other pages created from the template. Only the elements standard in all pages were changed/ updated and could only be changed via the template page.

Is there something like this in visily? Other than “reusable components”?


Hi @kendallarneaud,

Thanks for trying out Visily and posting your request.

We understand the need you mentioned and building “master component” is a key feature we want to build this year. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact release time yet.

You can also post this feature request on our Canny community here. Other people can upvote your request, and we will update everyone once it’s released.

By the way, do you want this “master component” to be shared within a board only or throughout the whole project?