Screen ordering in Presentation

Hey, I wonder if I could change the order of screens to present?

Hi @Marvis12,

Sure you can, it’s as simple as re-ordering slides in Google Slides.

In Presentation mode, open the left panel and select “All screen” in the dropdown “Select flow to present”. You then can drag the screen and drop it on a position you wish within the list. Read more about it here.

P/S: the order of the screens will also be the order of screens you see if you export them into one PDF file.


Thanks. That’s convenient :raised_hands:

The same issue here :smiley: @Thea.Nguyen I think you should have tutorials video for these.


You can watch the video here Visily - Present mode: Change to "All screens" - YouTube, and discover other tutorial videos also in this channel.

Do you think it would be clearer to you if we introduce the feature right when you first enter Presentation mode?