Release notes - Visily Beta 1 Updates

New Features of Visily

We received many feedback and feature requests from you during the MVP and Alpha releases. (Thank you!) In the Beta version, we’ve addressed many of your feedback. Below are the highlights.

1. Project Wizard

Many of you praised Visily’s ability to generate design themes through the project wizard. In the Beta version, we improved the wizard to support generating themes from website URLs or selecting from pre-built themes. We’ve also enabled fine-grained control of the generated theme color palette.

2. Theme Management

Previously, the project theme was created during the setup step and you couldn’t customize it after. Now, you can update the project theme at any time and have it reflected in all pages.

3. Improved Sketch-to-Design AI

Visily AI can now detect both elements and texts in hand-drawn wireframes. It has never been easier to create mockups!

4. More Components and Templates

With Visily, you should never have to design anything from the ground up. In the Beta version, we’ve added:

  • 4 more elements (oval, rectangle, rating, dropdown)
  • 30 templates
  • 20 page templates and layouts

5. My Components

You can now save any elements or groups as templates to reuse later in the project.

6. More Smart Component Customization

Smart components like buttons, menus and charts are the quickest way to design. They were built to look beautiful out of the box, but they didn’t allow you to customize too much in previous versions. In Visily Beta, you now can:

  • Freely resize most components
  • Adjust opacity and individual colors, e.g. icon color, text color
  • Change font family, size and weight

In future releases, we’ll support customizing more smart component properties. That way, you’ll have the best of both worlds: beautiful high-level components to immediately use while still being able to customize them as much as you want.

7. Element Navigator

Another commonly requested feature is the ability to quickly navigate among pages and elements in the board. Visily Beta introduces a Navigator panel where you can easily access all design elements and reorder them.

8. Better sharing

You can now add people to a project or board and grant them specific permissions.

9. Others

There are many other improvements, such as:

  • Improved application UI
  • Display projects and boards in list view
  • You can now tag people and add links to comments
  • Improve search behavior for icons, elements and commands
  • Ability to change page width