Link components to screens

Hi there,
Iā€™m relatively new in UI design and creating my first prototype now. I want to ask how to link a component to another screen. For example, linking the search bar in screen 1 to screen 2. Thanks. :raised_hands:

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Hi there.
Prototyping is very easy in Visily. There are two ways to create a link from one component to another screen. Let me show you how:

  • Step 1: Open Prototype mode on top bar
  • Step 2: Select the component from which you want to create a link to another screen
  • Step 3: Once selected, you will see a Lightning node on the bounding of the component. Click on the node and start dragging to the target screen
  • Step 4: Release the mouse and the link will be created

Once the link is created, you will see details of the interaction on Prototype panel on the right and make changes if needed.

For further details, check out this link: