Layered versions of a screen

Hi, I already told this to the Visily team, but just wanted to check if other Visily users would want the same feature:

Today we create a full featured screen, but when we build it, it will be delivered in phases/versions. Therefor we want to minimize the screen (only the things they need to build) for the developers in a first version. But the also want to have a look at the goal/end state. Today I have to copy the screen, and delete components where the 2 screens tend to get of sync.
It would be great to have kind of layers on a screen/component: First version, Second version, …. So you can filter versions on the same screen but they stay in sync.


The layers sound complicated (to me)

For our team we currently do the same :smiley:

I see the real pain for us is when we duplicate too many screens, then if we change one element, we have to manually copy & paste to other screens. :sob:

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I think both needs are all legit and it depends a lot on how each team carries out their workflow.

What @CollinTheCorgi mentions has been repeatedly asked for by many teams, hence, we have already put it in our plan for development.

And @Bart.Slaets, last time you raise this request to us, I forgot to ask for some of your screens for reference. Can you share with us 1 screen with the Current version and one with the Future version so we can imagine how each version differs from the other and how the design looks when a user switches from one version to another?
That will help us a lot.

Thanks, guys.