Go to another user's location on the board when clicking on the icon of another user (top right)

We have some large boards with a lot of screens, and sometimes another user is explaining something on the board, but I don’t know where his cursor exactly is. So it would be nice to be able to click on the right top icon of that user to go to his location on the board. Or is this perhaps already possible somehow? Thank you. Bart, PayBIX.

Hi Bart, thank you for your request. “Following user” has been in our roadmap. We’ll try to build this as soon as we could and keep you posted. :blush::blossom:

Hi @Bart.Slaets
We’re thrilled to announce that the requested “Follow users” feature has been released. You can now click on someone’s avatar to follow them and see their content on your board. Check it out now and let us know your feedback: Release Notes: V1.6 - Apr 25, 2023 - Visily

Hi Sarah, thank you. It was actually a request of my development team to follow me when I am explaining screens in Visily moving from 1 to another. And the response is: we are impressed how it is solved! Great job!

Thank you for your kind words, Bart. It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback from our users. If there is anything you need to make this feature work better for you, please let us know!