Get complete CSS for the web page

Presently there is an option to select an element to view CSS attributes. If Visily is able to gather all the CSS code and combine it in one big text (or file) it will be of great help while converting UI design to website.

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Hi @wontscareu ,

Thanks for raising this request. We haven’t supported exporting all the CSS code and combining it in one file yet, as of now, we are looking into other initiatives that you might be interested in:

  • Soon: Export the project theme into Tailwind config file
  • Later: Export the HTML of 1 component (baby steps first) so that you can combine it with the CSS of that component to create a whole component in code.

Are these features, somehow, useful to you when coding a website from UI design?
If you don’t use Tailwind CSS, and find it useful, please suggest us another CSS Framework.


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Hi @Thea.Nguyen

Great to know that you have better plans than just exporting CSS. The updates you mentioned will help a lot in coding from the UI design, you all made front end really easy.
We are using Tailwind and some react libraries like mui and former motion so upcoming features will be of great help.

Visily is doing amazing work, really appreciate the innovation you brought to the web development community.


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