E-commerce project template for website

Hi there,

Just look around Visily and truly impressed with what you guys are doing.

Still, can you provide a prebuilt project template for building an e-commerce website? It is only available for mobile currently.

Appreciate in advance!


Hi @jonathanfriedmann678 ,

We currently don’t have prebuilt project template for e-commerce website yet. However, we have plenty of screen templates for e-commerce website, like: Product listing page, Product details page,…

How to: You can choose to start with a “Blank web app”, then once you are inside the canvas, click on (+) button and select “Choose templates”

Inside the Template dialog, you can browse each Use case library or search for a lot of templates including E-commerce and templates in different screen sizes as well.

There are a lot of templates that you can use from here.

Please keep exploring and if you don’t see a template that you need, do not hesitate to request one to us.


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