Convert image to design

I am interested in the feature where you upload a screenshot to convert to a wireframe. Would love to learn more about it. :sweat_smile:


Hi there,

It’s great that you noticed and found this feature interesting. Visily AI allows users to convert screenshots of web pages or mobile apps into editable mockups in Visily. This would give you a super-fast start on your design.
Here are some use cases that you might find relevant:
β€’ Open the website or mobile app with your favorite design, then capture the app screenshot then upload it to Visily.
β€’ Search for some app UI inspirations online and download the image (preferably hi-res) then quickly convert to design in Visily.
β€’ Export designs from other tools (for instance, if your designers use Figma) into images then upload to Visily.
For a detailed guide on this feature, please check out here:
Thank you and happy designing with Visily! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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That comes truly helpful for me. Thanks Thea :smiley: