Community Titles


Members of the Visily community can earn various titles and recognition within the community by submitting valuable topics in the forum.

Valuable topics are defined as:

  • Relevant to the category they’re posted in
  • Helpful to other community members and/or the Visily team
  • Receiving more than 5 likes or attracting comments from more than 3 users

Members can earn the following titles:

  • Top contributor
  • Community advocate
  • Community leader

:star2:Top Contributor is for member who contribute more than 3 valuable topics to the forum.

→ As a super contributor, you’ll receive recognition within the community and in our app once it’s launched.

:star2:Community Advocate is for member who have contributed more than 5 valuable topics.

→ As a community advocate, you get all the benefits of being a super contributor plus access to exclusive product feedback and support calls with our Product Managers!

:star2:Community Leader is established thought leader in the community who have contributed more than 15 valuable topics to the forum.

→ As a community leader, not only do you get all the benefits enjoyed by community advocates, but you’ll also receive special discounts on Visily pricing, plus a chance to guest host future Visily-sponsored events and webinars!