Color tips on canvas

Hi, I saw this panel shows that I have some color issues. How to see them on board?

Hi @Maison_Lorry,

To check the color contrast tips from our Design assistant, you can use the following steps:

  • Zoom out and pan around your board to find the yellow circle with the magic wand icon that indicates the elements with suggestions.
  • The suggestions currently cover two cases:
    • When your text or icon color has a low contrast to the background, making it hard to read or notice, you should change the color of the text or icon to improve the contrast.
    • When you use a background color for the textbox or text area that stands out too much on the dark background, it is recommended to use a light gray color to soften the look in the dark mode.

Please see the demo video attached for a visual guide. If you have any further inquiries or requests, we’re happy to hear them.

Thank you for the demo.