Bug - Changing account email address causes internal server error when trying to login with google account

Steps resulting in error.

  1. Signed up on my non-primary email address using google account login to try the tool. Played around then discovered the tool was absolutely awesome so decided to change my email address to a primary email. Went to account settings and changed my email and verified the link.

  2. I tried logging in with new email address via google login. Login failed - Internal Server Error

  3. tried using google account login on old email address. Login failed - Internal Server Error.

  4. tried recovering account using password reset. No luck.

Ended up having to create a new account (password based).

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Hi @cnewnham,

Thank you for reporting this bug to us.

The cause of the bug is that we failed to handle the case where the user typed his email address (in Account settings) with a capital letter(s).

A hotfix will be deployed for users by the end of this week.
By then, you will be able to use google login with your primary email (whether it is all in lowercase or uppercase).

Hope you continue to support Visily in the future.

If you found any more bugs or needed help, please let me know.


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