Avatar low res from template preview

I got this issue when trying to use the contact info template, the resolution of the avatar from a template is very low. I’m not sure if this is a bug or what. Please help me to review this. Thanks!

Hi @DeeDeee,

To reduce loading time and improve pan/ zoom performance, we intentionally load lower resolution for the image on Avatar component at a smaller zoom level. So you will see the image has a higher resolution if you zoom in the Avatar.

However, I noticed the zoom percentage at which the image turns low-res is relatively high, at around 110%. For improvement, I will lower the percentage at which the image turns low-res without sacrificing performance.



I’m reading your email and I understand your issue :blush:
Don’t be panic I think you can try once more time
I think it’s solve your problem
Then try again
I thinks it’s not bug
Thanks :blush:

Hi @moreydiksha06,

Thanks for your encouraging words :smiling_face:.

It’s my pleasure :blush:
Please don’t say thanks me, because we’re all team members of visily community
And provide all details :blush: and information about any thing of product to client
This our team duty ok


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