Add 3d Design features in Visily

I request to add 3d design features in visily because easy for designers and easily design 3d assets in visily for any Project

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Hi @asadullah140 ,

We will keep your request in mind and consider it for our pipeline. Really appreciate your suggestion.

Other than that, I can show you a way to work around on Visily:

  1. You can use image stocks from Unsplash and Pixabay integrated into Visily already. You can access them by pressing I (shortcut for Image)

  2. You can design your 3D assets in other tools and import them into Visily (by uploading to Image library or simply copy and paste the file)

I will let you know when 3D design is natively available in Visily.


Ye, I think it will be a big boom if we can add 3D design into Visily. The app UI mockup would be more vivid and impressive. :star_struck: